Robin Foster


Live performances:

25.05.17 Greenbank, Easton, Bristol (solo percussion set)
12.05.17 New River Studios, London (DJ Mr Blobby set supporting Shitmat)
15.04.17 New River Studios, London (Drums and waterphone duo with Chase Coley)
05.04.17 The Stag and Hounds, Bristol (Trio with Rebecca Sneddon and Matthew Grigg)
09.12.16 The Old England, Bristol (solo as Atychiphobia)
24/11/16 DJ Stretchmark's Album Launch Party, Glasgow School of Art (as TV's Mr Blobby)
15.10.16 Islington Mill, Salford (Rummaging Orchestra) call for performers
10.08.16 ASMR Parlour, Supernormal Festival (with Henry Collins)
29.06.16 New River Studios, London (Rummaging orchestra)
16.06.16 The Island Gallery, Bristol (Whole-room rummage with Henry Collins)
03.03.16 Cafe Kino, Bristol (Tippex)
29.03.16 Tippex Pub Quiz, Crofters Rights, Bristol
05.02.16 Non Plus Ultra: Spawn of Dada 100 Years On, Cafe Oto, London (TIPPEX)
29.01.16 Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton (rummaging with Henry Collins)
11.11.15 Sanctum, Temple Church Bristol (Rummaging Orchestra)
08.11.15 Bang the Bore, Cafe Kino, Bristol (Tipex Mystery Box)
08.11.15 Sanctum, Temple Church Bristol (Tipex Digital Alarm Clock)
04.11.15 Sanctum, Temple Church Bristol (Tipex Rummaging Takeover)
30.10.15 Playpen, Arnolfini, Bristol (XXX** 'Tipex+:-))
07.10.15 Sound Cupboard, Crofters Rights, Bristol (Tipex Emergency Orchestra)
23.10.15 Simula Records Launch Party, CID Space, The Island, Bristol (solo)
17.10.15 Ceremonial noise rituals. Eastville Project Event, Yeovil. (solo TIPEX set)
06.09.15 NoiseesioN, The Island, Bristol (Tipex with Henry Collins and KILLER with Dylan Mallett)
04.04.15 Rummaging Orchestra, Cacophonous Sarcophagus, Church of St. Thomas the Martyr, Bristol
08.03.15 ZAMZAM TIPEX Album Launch, The Island, Bristol (solo & w/ Henry Collins as TIPEX)
28.02.15 A+E: Happenings, The Island, Bristol
14.02.15 Rummaging Orchestra, In Between Time, The Island, Bristol
03.02.15 The Old Fire Station, Oxford (duo with Henry Collins)
17.01.15 Rummaging Orchestra, Howling Owl present ‘New Year New Noise’, The Arnolfini, Bristol
07.12.14 Fractal Meat Cuts Launch, MKII, London (solo rummaging)
15.11.14 Monstre Festival, Geneva, Switzerland (solo, & w/ Henry Collins in various guises)
29.10.14 Sound Cupboard, Crofters, Stokes Croft, Bristol (w/ Henry Collins as UKIP)
26.10.14 Rummaging Orchestra Workshop & Performance, A+E, The Gallery Space, The Island, Bristol
28.09.14 ZamZamRec Supreme Ritual Noise Action (as Tipex Orchestra), The Island, Bristol
20.09.14 The Island Scratch Night, Bristol (duo w/ Henry Collins)
07.09.14 NoiseesioN, The Island, Bristol (solo & rummaging trio w/ Henry Collins & Andy Keep)
08-10.08.14 The Shed Sound Space, Supernormal Festival (XXX** 'TIPEX+ :-))
21.05.14 The Sound Cupboard, The Bristol Fringe, Clifton
29.04.14 Rave N Tapes, The Island, Bristol (XXX** 'TIPEX+ :-))
29.03.14 Club Quiet, Cafe Kino (With Henry Collins, Josie Grounds and Hannah Marshall as "Cosmic Sound Investigation")
08.03.14 Kollaps, Club Cavern, Bristol (XXX** 'TIPEX+ :-))
26.02.14 The Sound Cupboard, The Bristol Fringe, Clifton (Cundy, Foster, Wilding, Grigg Quartet)
31.10.13 Bang the Bore Halloween, Cafe Kino
30.10.13 Club Quiet, The Island, Bristol
01.12.12 Longstone, Microdeform, Robin Foster @ Cafe Kino, Bristol
27.03.09 Stench III, Phoenix Arts, Leicester (Dirty Electronics)
16.11.08 Wounded Furniture: an evening of musical non-events and curious, Arena Festival, Leicester
07.09.08 Klang: a Tribute to Karlheinz Stockhausen, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
15.04.08 Merzbow with the Dirty Electronics Ensemble, Hare and Hounds, Birmingham
14.04.08 Merzbow with the Dirty Electronics Ensemble, PACE Studio, DMU, Leicester
23.06.07 Sonic Arts Network Expo, Plymouth (Dirty Electronics Ensemble)