Cardboard box, approx 30x40cm

Black vacuum cleaner hose, approx. 150cm
Black vacuum cleaner head
Salmon patent leather shoes, size 34
Borat DVD
Inspector Morse Series 1 DVD
Barbershop DVD
Tie dye push popper toy, unopened
Spiky seed pod
Sheet of bubble wrap, approx. 30cm square
10 plastic baubles, assorted colours
Lil Pludders cassette tape
Two metal candle holders
Stick, approx. 30cm long, 1.5cm diameter
Cellophane wrapper from Borat DVD
Plastic water bottle, 500ml
Used for a performance on 25/11/23 at the Dun Cow, for Boundaries Festival

Cardboard box and vacuum cleaner parts scavenged from bins outside Vesta Tilleys restaurant, Sunderland. Lil Pludders cassette donated by RRS. Stick and seed pod from outside The Dun Cow pub. All other objects from charity shops in Sunderland. 3 DVDs for £1, 10 baubles (mix and match) for £1