Cardboard box, from Casio VHS player. Approx 50cm square.

2x plastic food scoops, white
1x empty can of Wiper and True Kaleidoscope Pale Ale
2x approx 20cm squares of honeycombed cardboard
8x offcuts of hardwood, various sizes
2x floor tom legs
2x Windows 95 install CDs in jewel cases
1x boom arm from cymbal stand, cymbal holder missing
1x plastic toothbrush, dirty, white
1x plastic clothes peg, white
1x polystyrene ball, approx 3cm diameter, painted red
1x caulking gun, metal rod, blue plastic frame
1x small metal jar, no lid, approx 3cm diameter
1x plastic USB power adapter, black
1x metal beer bottle lid
1x dustpan brush, plastic, blue with black nylon bristles
1x 9v battery
1x AA battery
4x metal teaspoons
1 L shaped piece of screwed up tinfoil, approx. 25 cm
1x kettle lead, black
Tangle of lametta, metallic silver and red
1x rusted heavy iron pulley
1x metal sprung clamp, approx 15cm in length
1x bulldog clip
1x Ikea S-shaped Allen key
1x bolt, metal, approx 5cm
1x bead, metal, approx 1cm
1x ball float, plastic, orange, approx 10cm diameter
1x clothes hanger, plastic, black
All objects scavenged from the Cube Cinema, for a performance on 13/10/23.

Lots of high frequency content, but balanced by heavier objects like the wood.