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My main musical interests concern percussion, physicality and noise. As a drummer/percussionist I play freely improvised music, often utilising extended techniques and elements of performance art. My work also builds on ideas established through rummaging (see below) and is very often unplanned and/or site-specific, encorporating found objects as well as traditional instrumentation.


Rummaging is a performance practice, developed by Henry Collins and I, that reconciles interests in free improvisation, noise music, physical performance and indeterminacy into a deceptively simple method of creating an improvised music. The practice is straightforward: objects placed into a container are manipulated with the hands. The resultant collision of objects creates a sound-world built on micro-gestures and chaotic interactions, in a manner free from impurities and obfuscations.

The complexity that arises from the chance collisions of objects exceeds anything that could be created by the human hand. By removing the element of control, the player is free to focus on the resulting mesh of sounds. Allowing the mind to become saturated with the complexity of the sonic information provided by rummaging can facilitate achieving a clarity of thought, similar to the practice of Mandala meditation. This mirrors one of the principal aesthetic aims of rummaging; the attainment of purity through chaos.

Rummaging Mission Statement

XXX** 'Tipex+:-)/TIPPEX/xxxTipex/Robin Foster & Henry Collins

Unidirectional chaotic improv faction led by Henry Collins and myself.

Henry Collins and Robin Foster make improvised music. Their approach ranges from sensitive to absurdist, from carefully considered minimalism to barely contained chaos. Their music is largely unplanned, and encompasses the use of found objects, vocal improvisation, spoken word, field recording and physical performance. Their work holds a deliberate disregard for idiomatic conventions other than a singular belief: that all objects are instruments and all activities performances. They rarely repeat themselves.

Awkward guitar suicide at Supernormal 2015 (first 2 mins of video)
03.02.15. The Old Fire Station, Oxford

Accident and Emergency (A+E)

Infrequent/occasional experimental performance night curated by Henry and I. Events mainly centered around the Island, Bristol.

Noise Club

Monthly tape swap. Twelve participants are each invited to submit an audio sample of their choosing to form a pool of material from which twelve albums are to be crafted. Each member is assigned a month and takes it in turns to produce a tape and distribute it to the other eleven.

Many of the Noise Club musicians have chosen to keep their tapes unavilable outside of Noise Club, however a few have been produced in slightly bigger runs and may be available directly from the participants themselves.

If you'd like to get involved in a future Noise Club, please get in touch: noiseclub [at] robinfoster [dot] net

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