Wooden tomato crate

Fragments of coconut shell
2 metal forks
1 metal spoon
6 jar lids, various sizes
4 D cell batteries
4 used nitrous oxide cannisters
5 AA batteries
Broken bicycle bell
Ultrasonic proximity sensor, broken
Small length of copper pipe
Broken toy wind up teeth
2 plastic hi hat bottom cymbal mounts
2 orange plastic coffee container lids
3 tent pegs
1 very large tent peg
Two plastic wire spools, fragments
Spring from soldering iron stand
Small section of wire with ferrite bead
Sawn off section of cymbal stand, broken into 2 pieces
Piece of hi hat floor stand
Section of circuit board from mixer PSU
Fan from Mac mini
Bluetooth antennae shield from Mac mini
Ping ping ball
Small copper cup with stem
2 small rectangular pieces of wood, appro.x 1cm x 1cm x 10cm
Approx. 50cm length of wire from with barrel connector
6mm masonry drill bit
5cm speaker
Tom holder from 1960's Ajax drum kit.
Strip of 10 red wall plugs
Piece of guitar bridge
Several small offcuts of black electrical tape
Various screwed up Post It notes
Small length of thick cardboard tube
Small piece of onion skin
2200uF capacitor
Approx. 30cm length of white nylon cord
3 fragments of acoustic guitar fretboard
3 LR44 coin batteries
Black plastic stand from webcam
Male USB-C to female USB-A adapter
Small metal handle with screw mounts
Approx. 20cm long machined metal screw
2 Nylon brush drum stick heads, minus sticks
11 grey plastic pot knobs from mixer
2 long thin plastic bag
2 white plastic guitar machine heads
Black rubber vacuum cleaner belt
Plastic pot of 'Noisy Putty' with pingpong wedged in it
2 crushed plastic water bottles
Co-Op water bottle label
Rosin container, in 3 pieces (two plastic, one cork)
8 pieces of brass rivets
3 small washers
broken zipper
2cm length of small black plastic tubing
Grey Lego brick
Small wood screw
2 M2 locknuts
3 small nuts
3 Ikea furniture pins
3 Ikea furniture bolts
5 screws of various lengths
Tension screw from snare drum
2 Ikea 's' shaped allen keys
Half a wooden clothes peg
5cm length of red heat shrink tubing
4 loose wall plugs
Small length of wooden dowel
3 metal bolts
2 snapped toy piano mallet heads
Small piece of flint
Ring pull
2 small fragments of plastic from hard drive platter assembly
Small hex screw, approx. 1cm long
Plastic curtain hook
10uf capacitor
Small (approx. 2cm) piece of linked metal bracelet
11x2 header pin strip
Yahama cymbal stand adjustment screw
Small grey plastic square, approx. 3mm x 3mm
Small piece of foam, Approx. 1x1x3cm
Small elastic band
Tip of 7A drum stick
Small bullet shaped piece of metal
2 Bread ties
Various European coins
4 offcuts of card, various shapes
Large elastic band
Moulded plastic packaging
Piece of wood, approx. 1x4x5cm, one face painted gloss black
2 red plastic hands from 'clapper' toy
Rubber foot from hi hat stand
Small piece of glass, approx. 1x2cm
CDR (broken)
2 elasticated loops of material