Non-stick oven tray with handles, approximately 24x36x6cm

Trapeze tail piece from electric guitar
2.5" speaker cone, clear plastic with metal housing
Approx 10cm x 6xcm steel plate with fixture holes in, from inside old cassette deck
2 pressed stainless steel forks
1 pressed stainless steel spoon
Black aluminium bicycle spoke
14.5cm legnth of black aluminium bicycle spoke
Kick drum tom mount from 1960's Rogers drum kit
Alumimium mount for motor from computer optical drive
Brass bannister fitting for holding rope bannister
Metallic blue bicycle bell casing
Two steel bicycle bell cups
Pressed steel spoon with black plastic handle
25cm heavy duty tent peg
12.5cmm length of 15mm copper pipe
Aluminium lid from honey jar
White metal frame from lampshade, in three peices
17cm sawn section of cymbal stand
Cymbal mount from cymbal stand
100cm length of light metal chain
Approx 50cm length of stiff cooper wire, bent into U shape
Two pieces of tom tom drum angle mount
2x 3cm thumb screw from drum kit tom mount
2x 20cm aluminium tent pegs
2x CO2 cannisters
Spring from soldering iron stand
8mm allen key
5mm allen key
5mm bicycle bottom bracket spacer
Pesto jar lid
3x sparkling wine metal caps
12.5cm x 3mm length of metal with 8mm threaded section at one end
Gold coloured metal housing from jack plug
Gold coloured spring from jack plug
Small metal flathead screwdriver, approx. 9.3cm long, with 2mm head
Small metal flathead screwdriver, approx. 8.3cm long, with 1mm head
3x 5cm Ikea bolts with M4, hex head
2x Ikea S shaped hex keys
Metal plate from guitar jack socket
4x 6cm wood screws, countersunk
3x 3cm wood screw, countersunk
Bicycle brake pad mount
Keyring with three sprun allen key holders (keys missing)
2cm Ikea screw (5mm diameter)
Metal washer, 2cm diameter with 8mm hole
3x 2.5cm wingnuts
5.5cm screw with moulded button head, 8mm thread diameter
3cm screw with moulded button head, 8mm thread diameter
small coil of stiff copper wire. Approx 5cm diameter, uncoiled length perhaps ~20cm (guess)
CR2016 coin cell
5 pence piece (2011)
3cm brass crew with 1.5cm washer nail, approx 3mm diameter
8x 3cm screws wityh hex heads, M3
Nut, thread diameter 7mm
2cm M5 screw with rounded head
4cm M5 screw with rounded head, brass
1cm M5 screw, with rounded head
2x 1cm screws
5.5cm thick metal pin, Ikea
1mm metal wire, bent into two sides of a 2.5cm equalateral triangle

Very harsh high frequency content. Built for amplification with guitar pickups as a harsh noise rummaging container