"Play a vibration in the rhythm of the universe"
— Stockhausen, Aus den sieben Tagen (1969)

· The purpose of rummaging is the creation of noise.

· The approach is straightforward: Objects placed in a container are played with the hands. The act of rummaging creates sound through the collision of objects both with each other and their container.

· Safety equipment may prove useful.

· The disassociation of rhythmic intuition is paramount.

· The focus is on a constant, consistent noise.

· The aspiration should always be the creation of the purist sound possible.

· Any attempt to shape the sound in any way is to be avoided at all costs, with perhaps the exception of dynamics to shape a group performance.

· When performing with others, listen but do not allow another's performance to influence your own. Interplay should be purely coincidental.

· Allow the sounds to improvise with other of their own accord — when given the opportunity, they will do so. Listen for and enjoy these moments as you enable them to exist.

· Rummaging favours duration.

· Rummaging is freedom from improvisation.

· Rummaging is the rhythm of the universe.

Robin Foster and Henry Collins, 2014