Approximately 40x40x20cm wooden box, made from reclaimed pallets and lined with carpet tiles

1 metre HDMI cable
Approx. 4 metres of 4 strand ribbon cable
Mac mini bottom case
Chinese takeaway container
M&Ms tin
Metal drip tray lid from old espresso machine
WiFi extender
Broken webcam
2L plastic bottle
Small metal bowl with stand
2x wooden spoons
Metal lid for vase
2x heavy wooden feet from chest of drawers
Ceramic garden ornament with eyes
Coconut shell
Wall wart PSU
Plastic side panels from audio mixer
External hard drive enclosure
Plastic tape spool holder, in fragments
15x5x2cm piece of wood
Screwed up pink Post It note
Mostly larger objects - a lot of metallic pieces which give a rich sound - what I would describe as a 'traditional' rummaging timbre (see video). I've had most of these objects for several years so on top of the familiar acoustic properties there's definitely a sense of nostalgia attached to this selection.

The box is my most often used box - I originally built it for Supernormal festival in 2016, and carpet-lined it at the end of 2020 in order to dampen the sound of the wood, which I had come to see as dominating the box. The dampened box still imparts a very woody resonant frequency, but now allows the sound of the objects to speak much more clearly.